PLA: Hype to Help, Making a Difference with New Technologies

Speakers: Marilyn Mason, Executive Director, Web Junction; Michael Porter, Community Associate, (Seattle) (aka LibraryMan blog), and Janie Hermann, Technology Training Librarian, Princeton Public Library.

Here’s another list from these speakers on technologies that could/should be used to build our library customer base.

  • YouTube – only two years ago just a handful of libraries have videos on YouTube, now there are over 1500 library videos.
  • Amazon Wish List – libraries are creating wish lists and encouraging their patrons to buy those books donate them to the library. Over 380 libraries are doing this already.
  • IM – particularly through Meebo and Trillian, this is a great way to do IM reference, PLUS, you can also create “room” for patrons and group discussions.
  • FlickR – this is already a very popular tools with libraries. Plus, you can create groups here as well and create “photo pool” to which many people can add their images. See Libraries & Librarians group by LibraryMan. See his 365 Library Days Project where libraries are putting up a picture a day from their library and then creating posters from all the images and selling them.
  • Delicious – favorites lists… how you use your tags is critical to what people can find and share. LibraryMan has created a tag: 365 libs … check it out.
  • MySpace – hundreds of libraries are now on MySpace and Facebook. Go where the people are!
  • Second Life – growing popularity, but not for everyone yet.
  • OCLC article on privacy – Sharing Privacy & Trust in our Networked World with many examples! Emphasis on Content not Containers.
  • Emerging Technology Conference (E-Tech) for more examples.
  • Janie Hermann comments.
    Keys to getting staff & customers ready:

  • Hands on classes … train together (staff WITH customers)
  • Use a blog for discussion and challenges before & after the training
  • Make use of webinars & online training development (lots has already been created, you don’t have to reinvent the wheel).
  • Try “blended learning” approach whenever possible
  • Create and host your own podcasts, screencasts & other training resources with branding.
  • Try a lunch time training like 2x month or a Tuesday Tech Night
  • Take individual 2.0 technologies and do a single class on them
  • Try forum technology to create threaded discussions
  • Try a weekly tech challenge and offer a raffled off prize
  • Try a Friday Food for Thought concept
  • Modify 23 Things to 10 things for staff AND the public
  • In addition to WebJunction classes/webinars, check out PEN (Professional Education Network)</li>
  • Screencasts & slidecasts: WINK and Camtasia & Captivate are products for these.
  • (see Arizona Leadership Academy as an example of how to use NING)

Lots of ideas … and lots from WebJunction… should spend more time there! It’s free to join with tons of benefits.


  1. Kevin Briody Said:

    I’m glad you liked the session, and thanks for the mention of WJ!

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