This is what I tried to figure out. What transpired before the empty vodka bottle landed in our men’s restroom?

Did he have it with him and “finished it off” after a quick visit to the latrine?

Did he have the empty bottle taking up room in his satchel and decided he just needed a place to ditch it?

Did he “work on it” all day in the library and finally got to the end of the thing by the end of the day?

I mean, we’re not talking about a little pint size bottle, we’re talking about a full sized bottle of Grey Goose. Upscale.

It’s not like someone can just drop into our restroom from outside. Our restroom are locked and the visitor must ask for a key. So, he had some way of carrying the bottle in… a pocket? What?

Which reminds me, we keep losing our men’s room key. Do the guys take it on purpose or do they put in their pockets and forget they have it? But it’s a 3 x 5 ” plastic sign with a dangling key. It’s been handled by hundreds of guys. Would he really put that in his pocket too?

We’ll never solve the mystery of the vodka bottle. Has anyone else found something particularly odd in a public restroom waste basket?


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