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What is a Virtual World?

I picked this up from my Second Life class this week and I didn’t want to forget it:

“… an expansive, world-like, large group environment made by humans, for humans, and which is maintained, recorded, and rendered by a computer.” (p. 11, Synthetic Worlds: The Business and Culture of Online Games by Edward Castronova.)



Well, today appears to be my day for discoveries. Have you ever wanted to share your PowerPoint presentation with others … but knew doggone well that it was wayyyyy too big to send my email. Well, here’s your solution: SlideShare is an online solution to your problems. There are lots of ways of posting there … so check it out!

Well, just when we thought we were in for it with Second Life… most people saying, “I have enough trouble with my first life…” there is a new site called Metaplace that allows you to create your own 3-D world. I have just barely looked at this site, but let me tell you, this is already the “next step” of Second Life and I’m just barely managing to “walk around” there. I’ll try to keep you posted, but FYI to all you trend setters… it’s the next big thing on the web.

Top 10 Programming Concepts

Well, thanks to Angelique to dropped me yet another up and coming siute,, the visual index. It’s another way to blog …. it appears to have an emphasis on the arts… music, photography, etc. It’s also a social networking site. And, when you search the users, there are absolutely no results for males or females over 40. Sigh.


Well, this is pretty amazing… an on-the-fly website builder on the web.


Here’s a little more about it:

“Aaron Swartz (who’s also the technical lead on the Open Library project among about a bazillion other things) officially released a few days ago. Conceptually Jottit is both simple and amazing. All it is a text box, you enter your text and viola! A page is created. This virtually eliminates the barrier to web publishing and is perfect for all of those “Ohh I just want to post this on a static webpage real quick” moments where even a simple blog is too much infrastructure.”

Let me know what you think.

Week 9: Thing 23 – Final Thoughts

While actually doing 23 Things, my favorite discovery was Library Thing. I am very excited about this project. While working on the 2.0 project initially, I had a great time with Wiki’s and YouTube. I also got better at using all of these tools. It has been very gratifying to listen and watch and know that others in the library are experimenting with these tools.

I love new things and I’m looking forward to discovering the tools that come out in the near future that will improve on the technology of the ones we know today. I’m curious if the leap to these new tools will more difficult… will it come before we really feel we have these tools “under our belts?” I don’t know. I have dabbled in most everything that is Library 2.0 related, but I have not mastered many… except for blogging. I am several blogs and although they are not as active as I would like them to be, I have enjoyed the process.

The surprises from this program have not been for me personally, but for the staff I know who have participated. I have personally received so many comments … and even “new” people to the technology are finding themselves as “mentors” to others in their departments. Just love that!!!

I’m not sure about improvements. I think, in its core, it is really good. I think the sign up process could be smoother. I’m not that fond of the software the state used. It’s pretty clunky. I also think that people weren’t reading enough of the entries… I think we should have periodically “highlighted” some of the posts… either locally or statewide.

I would definitely like to be in another discovery process. I hope it comes up by next spring so that people can keep the momentum going. I am curious how many people will continue to blog… either the blog they started or a new one. How would we be able to know that?

Learning 2.0 is the most non-threatening, easy to understand introduction to Web 2.0 technologies for the end user that I have ever seen. Kudos to PLCMC for creating it. Kudos to DLDS for promoting in Maryland. Kudos to Harford County staff who have embraced it!

Week 9: Thing #22

In some ways, the book thing is similar to the podcast thing… I mean I have downloaded a number of Overdrive and NetLibrary titles because I needed, as a test, to make sure they were working. But, again, I haven’t liked using the MP3 player in the car to listen to my books because I have to “fiddle” with the hardware too much. I’m looking forward to the MP3 format to be incorporated into the car stereo system… then, I’ll be good!

Obviously, I have accounts already with both NetLibrary and Overdrive. In case you’re wondering, audio books outstrip “e-books” by at least 2 to 1 if not higher. People love audio books!!!

Week 9: Thing 20 & 21

YouTube… well, what can I say about YouTube… even MySpace has one of my favorite Tube entries, the blond who places a fast food order at a library info desk. But there are others… the panda who sneezes which we used at the Tech Fair. Let’s see what I can find right now…
OK… how about Nora the Cat, the Sequel… pretty funny if you like piano music.

OK… podcasts… although I have not done that many podcasts personally, I do understand the concept and presented this cocept at the Tech Fair. I have to confess, however, that I don’t really listen to podcasts. I’m not sure why… that is, except in specific learning situations. But I don’t subscribe to any. I think I haven’t not figured out when to listen. My car time is really my “book” time and I don’t like doing anything else. And if I do have time to listen, I’d rather listen to fiction than nonfiction … into which category, in general, I would say podcasts fall. So, it’s funny to know and appreciate them but not really use them.
Actually, as part of creating this exercise, I did create some feeds to podcasts, but again, I have enough trouble reading my feeds, much less listening.

I’ll make a podcast tomorrow and add it here… just to show I can. But tonight, I’m just going to fly through the rest of this. 🙂

Week 8: things 18 & 19

I’ve been doing some Google docs… mostly the calendar… in a situation like ours here at the library, I don’t see as much need for this online tool, but I have passed this information to others … it is nice to know that everyone doesn’t need to purchase expensive software to have access to a full-range of tools.

Now that I am on Second Life, it appears that most of the SL librarians are using the full-range of these Google applications, from Calendars to spreadsheets to docs. It’s very cool to have a shared area where others can add their comments. It’s a bit more controlled than a wiki and certainly, is so similar to Word, that’s it’s hard to really “mess it up.”

Well, I just did a complete Google doc… shared it with Gia and now I’m “publishing” it… I’m going to give it this blog entry as a destination to see what it does…. let’s experiment… I do think it would be interesting to possibly use these online docs for some of our library collaborations … may be better than a wiki.

Look, it appeared BELOW this one. Very cool. What an easy way to post as a group!!!!!!

Web 2.0 awards:
Hey! WetPaint… the wiki I chose for the Technology Plan is NUMBER ONE. how cool is that???

I forgot how much I like the 43 Things site and it’s still #1… I spent a few minutes adding a couple of things. The first time I went there … last year! … I only added 4 things, but it’s pretty amazing that I have completed one and I’m about to complete another. Is that great or what?

I could play all night with all the wonderful sites on the awards… but it is pretty amazing to me is the large number of sites I already know and have visited at least once or visit pretty regularly: Technorati, Bloglines, Library Thing, Squidoo, Craigslist, Google Docs & Calendars, Meebo, Feedburner, Cocktail Builder (first time today), WetPaint, PBwiki, 43 Things, Google Maps, iContact, Ning, Twitter, Pandora, Google Apps, Zoho, FlickR, Picassa, Odeo, Podshow, LinkedIn, Zillow, Rollyo, Facebook, Digg, Reddit,, & YouTube. Not bad… but I should add to my 43 things that I will visit all of the top 3 sites on this list award list. 🙂

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