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Cool Dog and a Hot Chick

Two separate stories, one from a smaller branch library near us and the other, back on home turf.

Cool Dog.
It seems that a woman was pacing outside the branch before it opened, frantically trying to reach someone on her cell phone. The staff person stopped to ask if she could be of any help. The woman demurred saying she doubted anyone could help. Apparently, her feisty poodle managed to lock the doors of the car as she got out to put her books in the bookdrop. Turning to look over at the car, sure enough, Fifi (name changed to protect her privacy) was racing back and forth across the front seats, from one window to the other.

When Janet walked over to check on the pooch, she called back to the customer, well, you’d better hurry up and get over here. Now the dog has lowered the window and who knows, she might drive off next.

All’s well that ends well.

Hot Chick.
While Fifi was doing her antics, we had a different situation in our own branch. We were working on a major shift of our collection in order to give more room to fiction and less room to nonfiction (can you believe it, that’s the new trend). Anyway, we’ve had a number of volunteers helping us with the shift. In some cases, that’s been more successful than others. It took one volunteer a few hours to get the hang of the fact that the Dewey numbers only go in one direction and don’t snake through the shelves (back & forth). Fortunately, we caught that error before he managed to reach the 200’s.

Another volunteer was wonderful. She was quite bright and conscientious. In fact, she had such a good understanding of the collection, we gave her some extra responsibilities like pulling books from a computer list. One evening, while doing this job, she stood up from working on the bottom shelf and found a note lying on top of her cart: “Man, you are really hot! 410-939-****!” I’m thinking her secret admirer really wanted to write, “For a librarian, you are really hot”… but, of course, I can’t know that for sure.

I confess, we did try to find the phone number on We are librarians, after all. No luck. So, it’s still a mystery.

Apparently, things are really heating up at the library. 🙂