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Week 6: Things 13 & 14 (Tagging & Technorati)

Well, as with many of the Library 2.0 project, I have been tagging for awhile. I have had a acct for awhile… but also, it is totally UNDER-used. I have moved my bookmarks from I.E. several times, but I have not had the energy to go through all the bookmarks and get them usable. The best laid plans and all that… OK… I tried, I edited about 5 pages of 51 … that’s all I can do right now. But I will finish! I think I can… I think I can. I did add the buttons to my browser.

As for Technorati… I have claimed not only my own blogs, but the library blogs as well. Unfortunately, none of mine in that “middle level” and have much popularity, but it’s nice to know that are accessible to anyone who searches. I always forget how much fun it is to prowl around Technorati. I’m actually amazed that so few blogs come up under the Learning 2.0 search. I’m curious about that. Ok… so lots of posts about Learning 2.0 but much fewer blogs noted as being solely about 2.0. Ok. I get it. I see there are number of videocasts of the winners of 2.0 programs being posted… we need to do that at Staff Day too I think.
I took off that a mouse trail to check out WTF … Where’s the Fire? These are very similar to DIGG. Is it worth it? I don’t know, but apparently, if you are a newbie blogger and want to get some extra traffic, this is the way to do it. I did run into Revellian who has a very busy quirky site with lots of 2.0 links… worth checking out, I think…. his little icons for bookmarking are worth exploring.


Blog Law

Excellent resource on laws that all bloggers should know:

Thanks to Cathy Adams for submitting this.