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Teens and Me

Just finished two full days of book talking at the local high school and one day at the middle school. I’m sure I’ve created a monster!!

We’re renovating our small (400 sq ft) “Quiet Room” into a Teen Room and I’ve invited everyone to come and help. Well, not exactly. But I did invite them for pizza on Friday and let them know that Saturday, we’ll be painting the room and if anyone wants to help, fill out a volunteer application for the Volunteen group and a permission slip from parents, in case they fall off a ladder! Then, on Monday & Tuesday, those are splatter paint days. You heard me. We’re splatter painting one of the walls.

At the end of next week, our techs are putting in a 55″ flat screen TV, an entertainment center, PS2 and XBox 360 plus 4 wireless controllers.

Oh yeah, the Summer Reading Program starts next week too. Did I mention we’re having a pizza party on the last day of school? If I’m still standing, I’ll post some pix of everything from above. 🙂