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Eccentrics Abound

OK, whatever! It’s time to get Looney back up and running. Got a bit discouraged there along the way, but now, I’m pumped as we get ready for the big event: Stump the Librarian during National Library Week, April 11 – 16, 2011. I’m expecting questions to come pouring out of the cracks!

In case you’re wondering, curious things still happen at the library despite my lack of writing about them.

For instance, some weeks ago, a gentlemen came in and was looking for a costume store. Lucky for him, since I’ve been in the theatre for more years than I’ve been a librarian, I knew exactly where he should go. We found the address and phone number and he was quite pleased.

And then I broke the librarian’s cardinal rule: out of personal curiosity (of which I have a bad case), I asked him why he might be needing a costume. Now, really, how dangerous could that question be? I was anticipating some kind of theater answer so we could compare acting notes. Or, a costume party or a fun photograph.

Nope. He said, instead, “I don’t expect to live too much longer and so it would be a good idea to start praying so I thought I’d probably do better at praying if I had a Benedictine monk’s robe.”


That’s right. My foot was in my mouth so far I was tasting my hip bone.

I’m quick. Honestly, I am known for my mouth being in gear way before anything else. But, in this case, I was stunned. No comeback.

Finally, my colleague helped me out and told the gentleman to let us know if there was anything else we could help him find.

I went back to my office.


Singing in the Rain … or Snow

We’ve got a singing patron. Oh, it’s not like he comes into the branch and cuts loose, but he does serenade us almost daily from a bench outside. Usually, it’s a bit of gospel singalong since he’s plugged into some kind of Ipod or MP3 player. But I don’t think he’s intentionally sharing his music.

Some days are better than others. And when I say better, I just mean he’s more tuneful.

Yesterday, I finally had to go out and speak to him as we started getting complaints from people sitting in the quiet room, inside the building. He was actually sweet about it and surprised that people could hear him.

You’d think he’d be cold out there. After all, we had 6 inches of snow on the ground.

Oh well, I think it’s the music that warms his soul.