Scooter Bandit

OK, not a bandit, but still a laugh riot! This story comes from a colleague . . . (thanks Karen L)

Apparently, there is a young teen who is stretching the “letter of the law” to its outer edges. His latest caper (he has been cited for other misdemeanors outside the library) is to ride his scooter (a motorized skateboard with handles) through the branch. That’s right, he opens the door and then rides like hell through the main floor and collection and back out again. He must think he’s the next Jason Bourne.

You would think the staff could stop him, but think about it: would you step in front of a moving scooter? Me either. It all happens so fast.

They yell at him as he flies by, but he only laughs. Once they actually managed to stop him at the door (quick thinking) and told him he was not allowed to ride in the branch and his reply: “There’s no sign that says I can’t do that.”

Interesting point of view, eh? Does that mean we have to have a sign for every possible infraction? Can you just imagine it?

Do not park your car inside the building.
Do not bring a bed and sleep overnight in the building.
Do not grill steaks in the building.
Do not bring portable showers and bathe in the building.

The list would be endless. How do you communicate “common sense” to someone who doesn’t seem to have any? Who would think you’d have to have a sign for riding a motorized “anything” in a library?

They have called the police, of course, but there’s not much they can do if they can’t catch him at it. He’s clever that way. I suppose it could be worse . . . he could be a flasher.

What would you do?



  1. Susan Burdette Said:

    Here’s a simple solution. Post a speed limit sign – “SPEED LIMIT – 3”
    (The average human walks 120 steps per minute or 3 MPH)

  2. Barb Heaps Said:

    Install speed bumps.

  3. Edie Said:

    On the Looney side, I’d post a sign at the door that said, “You must have an IQ above 20 to enter this building”.

  4. Melinda Said:

    Sand traps.

  5. irmbrown Said:

    Thanks everyone for your suggestions. LOL. Keep ’em coming … sometimes the best ideas come through kidding around.

  6. Annette Gaskins Said:

    Irm – about 17 years ago, at Howard County’s Central Branch, one of the male librarians was given the task of telling our resident homeless person that he could not shave and wash his shirt and socks in the men’s room. Phil went in, and came out seconds later to report that the situation was way worse than we thought. The guy had a hot plate, on which he had a pot of water, with a can of food inside, double-boiler style. How many signs would we have needed?

    • irmbrown Said:

      Oh Annette…. you made me laugh out loud. thanks for sharing that. 🙂

  7. Jess Said:

    Very funny comments, but to be serious about putting a stop to this: Would the local police do anything if they had evidence? Do you have security cameras? If not, what about keeping a handheld camera or cell phone handy to take a picture with a time & date stamp.

    As for a sign – I have no patience for “no sign says i can’t.” The Appropriate use of the Library policy states “– Demonstrate conduct appropriate to the mission of the library. Inappropriate behavior includes but is not limited to the following: ……” Sports equipment being used or causing an obstruction for others. .OR ….” Impeding others in their use of library facilities and resources.”

    • irmbrown Said:

      That’s a good point. I think taking a picture is a great idea.

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