Our computers have filtering software on them and generally, the only ones that come up blocked in a normal day are the Juvi computers. They disallow images from those unpopular sites like Facebook and MySpace. LOL.

But those PC’s are right by the info desk so it’s not that big a deal. We simply type in a code word and the person is off and running.

But now we have IMVU. For the uninitiated, this is the latest chat platform for teens … it’s “talking” avatars.

After a year in Second Life, I’m somewhat familiar with the idea, but this one has caught me off guard. Currently, the application is blocked by our filtering software so we’re unblocking the crazy site about 25 times a day… if not more. The teens love it.

So what is the draw? Sexy avatars!

It’s funny because Second Life had these skinny hotties all along. And there is a Second Life just for teens. But SL is a bandwidth hog while IMVU is relatively lite. And it’s easy and quick.

So what can you do? Well, create an identity with a special name, play dress up … change clothes, chat–of course, create a “home” and even add a furniture. You can invite your friends to get their own avatars.

As you move around or do things, you collect credits… not sure what I’ll be doing with those, but I’m sure it’s to buy things. I have been through the tutorial and I have already learned how to move my avatar’s space around and I tried some of the pre-loaded moves like “yay” and “bored” etc. I also had a conversation with a “stranger” who was quite helpful and helped me navigate the space. Thanks Dpmase!

So, a little text … an avatar … and it’s 3D chat. Second Life folks said 3D Web would be where everything is heading and I’m thinking they were not wrong. Get ready.

If you want to find me… I’m Maijara…. ;~)


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