Theft and the Library

It’s a strange feeling to have the police in the library.

I don’t mean our security… we do have a security guard from an agency every other day and then, on the off days, we have an officer hanging out from our local station up the street. And I guess it’s a good thing although it does seem like the really weird stuff happens when there is no security at all.

The other day we had a patron who reported that her cell phone was stolen in the library and she wanted to make a report. That process took over an hour and a half. Gad!

In the end, the officer came, took the report, we called her company and cancelled her minutes. During the course of our “investigation” we tried calling the cell phone a few times and surprise, the person answered.

I was shocked, I didn’t know what to say. I ended up saying something goofy like, “Excuse me, but this phone belongs to someone at the library…. please bring it back.” Click.

I called the number again, but this time the phone was busy. About ten minutes later, one of the librarians came into my office and said, “You won’t believe it, but the person who stole the cell phone just called and asked if we had just called her and what we wanted. Go figure.

The policeman was there by then and we called her yet again! Yep, she answered. The policeman identified himself and told the girl she was using stolen property and… click.

She did not answer again.

The next day we watched the surveillance footage, but really, who can tell if a person is copping a small cell phone from off the floor? So, patron loses cell phone, kid gets cell phone with blocked minutes.

Ebay gains a customer.


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  1. Jamie Said:

    Have you read Here Comes Everybody? If not, drop everything and do it now. Irmgarde you would love it!! The whole first chapter is basically about this.

    It’s shocking how many times the people answer the cel phone. Everyone I know who has EVER lost a phone has called the phone and someone answered. It’s just SHOCKING.

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