Butterfly Story Time

It started out as a great idea, honestly.

I had some really nice titles (even some sweet nonfiction). Of course, Eric Carle’s Very Hungry Caterpillar was my first selection (this is, after all, the 40th Anniversary of the book). I even came up with a cute caterpillar craft and 3 sweet finger plays. Now, I’m not a children’s librarian, but I was good to go!

Historically, we have anywhere from 10-18 children show up at our drop in story times. I was ready!

Surprise, not 10 kids, not 20, but 2 1/2. I say 1/2 because one was a walking-type baby and although she was welcome to be there … she was not interested in being there… at all! Apparently, I was the most boring thing she had seen all day and she made sure her mother knew it! Wahhhh!

OK, so I’m reading for two kids. That’s fine. Kids are kids. They’re regulars. They like me… I think. Of course, for the first 3 stories, little Miss 1/2 was much more interesting than me. Sayonara. They finally left.

Then, the first finger play, which I was sure was easy-peasy, but poor boy-child could not hook his thumbs and wriggle his fingers for anything. Finger play is not much fun for kid if it’s finger struggle!

Forget that … let’s read. Not bad. They’re listening. They’re watching. Great. Let’s do the craft. Right.

Just in case you’re wondering, Elmer’s glue does NOT hold puffy balls to clothespins. Also, Elmer’s glue does NOT hold jiggling eyeballs to puffy balls. And, Elmer’s glue does NOT hold small folded pipe cleaners between puffy balls and onto clothespins. I don’t care WHAT the picture shows on the craft website. However, I will say that Elmer’s glue does very well holding puffy balls to little fingers … and big adult fingers… also it’s very good at holding jiggling eyeballs to fingers and naturally pipe cleaners to both table and fingers.

This was one of those story times when, in the end, you’re grateful there were only two kids, two adults, and the baby left before the craft started.



  1. Karen Hagerman Said:

    What makes this even funnier is that Irmgarde approaches each drop-in storytime as if it were opening night of a Broadway musical! I’m really sorry to have missed it! kh

    • irmbrown Said:

      And of course… I’m glad she did… our resident Children’s librarian. LOL

  2. Susan F. Said:

    Poor Irmgarde!
    If you’d ever had any intentions of becoming a children’s librarian, I’ll bet you don’t any more!

    • irmbrown Said:

      Oh no, not at all! It just keeps me humble. I’m such a “planner” … so it’s good for me to fall on my face a few times a day. :~)

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