The Hand Stamp

One of the big delights for our youngest crowd is the hand stamp. It doesn’t really matter what it is (although they do get to pick from a changing assortment: fish, dinosaur coming out of an egg, heart, cat, etc.). Some have been doing it for so long, they have developed favorites and some even request a particular color of ink.

But what is delight here? I think it’s proof they’ve been somewhere!

My kids are now teenagers but if they go to the hospital or the local carnival where wristbands are affixed, they will often leave them on. The message: I’ve been somewhere.

Wouldn’t it be great if everyone thought about the library as a place of importance? Wouldn’t it be great if people could tell their neighbors were at the library today?

Hmmmm. I wonder! Maybe we should offer hand stamps to adults? Never know! 🙂



  1. Jamie Said:

    Or stickers… I Voted Today!

  2. Barb Said:

    I had a hand stamp from an amusement park the other day and didn’t try to scrub it off hoping others would think I had been to some really hot night spot where I paid my cover charge 😉

    • irmbrown Said:

      LOL… Love that. Maybe we should try some secret glow ink that only shows up under certain lights.

  3. Karen Said:

    I like the idea of the wrist band. We are going to have it as one of our crafts at our Halloween Party. Any ideas how we could use it way to count participants.

  4. Diane Said:

    The couple of times I was in the hospital and received a wristband I wore it for several days after I came home just for added sympathy.

  5. Совершенно подходящая вещь, спосибо!!

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