Extra Service

There’s really no way around it. In a small branch, when someone comes in who really needs help, it’s gotta happen. Busy or not, we need to extend that extra service.

Today, a wheelchair-bound older patron came in and needed to order something online. From searching for the item, to placing the order, to creating an email address, it took almost 60 minutes. In between, we were helping people sign on to computers, adding book requests, refilling the copy machine, finding the restroom key, unblocking computers for MySpace, and printing guest passes. The hour went by quickly.

We are also running a promotion here called “Get Carded @ the Library” to encourage customers to sign up for a library card and to win a prize. At the end of September, we’ll be drawing names for an MP3 player (thanks to the generous donation of our Friends of the Library). Each day we draw for mini prizes: “Thanks a Mint” mints, stuffed bears, polka dot puppies, and book marks. So far so good!

It’s settle down now. Knock on wood, as they say. We expect a rush at 4 or 4:30 as people make a last minute run to the library for videos over the holiday weekend.

Tuesday, we will be facing a mountain of materials inside our book drop and the new fines and fees schedule.


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