Day After the Event

OK… here’s the good news: the speaker showed up, he was charming, cordial and interesting.

OK… here’s more good news: we had more than 10 people. Altogether, we had 33. The room was full and the participants were engaged and interested.

OK… maybe this is the best news: both a local reporter and the paper’s photographer were there and we’ll probably get a nice article.

So, here’s the question, was it worth all the work? Out of curiosity, I should have logged my time in promoting the event. Do librarians really consider ROI? How do we measure the pleasure of the few vs. our own time? There are so many intangibles.

And then, just to round out the day, our electricity went out at 6:10 pm. Apparently, about 2000 households in the center of town were without power. It was really interesting to watch our customers try to figure out what to do: wait (because the electricity usually comes back) or call it a night. In the end, all but one patron left… he was still hopeful. We waited an hour (fortunately, we are still on “summer light”). The lights came back up by 7 pm and we were back in business. Within 6 minutes, the computers were maxed out again.

I guess our lights were like beacon… or the local lighthouse… here! Come here!


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