PLA: Transform Yourself & Your Library

Speakers: Mary Jane Kepner, Principal, Kepner & Associates and Yvonne Bergendorf, Director Wood Dale Public Library (Illinois)

Kepner’s Keys: A person will not change until he/she is ready to change. In order to create an environment for change, you must first build the groundwork. Behavior change happens when you “speak” to people’s “feelings.” Facts alone will not bring about a desire to change, they have to be incorporated into a person’s framework of feelings and beliefs. It is important to get to the “heart” of the matter.

Kepner had a little formula that was interesting:
D = dissatisfaction with how things are
V = vision of what is possible
F = First concrete steps that be taken toward the vision

If all three of these elements are in place and are GREATER than the Resistance, then change is possible. It’s important to know which people are at which stage in the change process.

Phases of change are similar to the phases of grief (this is from the book, Managing Change at Work by Scott & Jaffe).

  • Denial (that change is warranted)
  • Resistance (refusal to do)
  • Exporation (the questioning phase of the possibilities)
  • Commitment (to the change

Another hint: If someone asks you three times for the same information, there is probably an underlying issue that has not been discovered or addressed.


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