PLA: Reinventing Your Library for 21st Century

Speaker: Karen Hyman, New Jersey (remember she spoke at HCPL’s staff day one year)

Basically, she offered 12 questions for us to consider. Karen posted her slides to the PLA Website.

But here are the questions – Food for thought and discussion!

  1. Do you think this is OK? That is… satisfied with the status quo or still wishing that it was like it used to be.
  2. How do you know something at the library needs to change? How do you define “it works.?”
  3. What’s your story (about the library)?
  4. What’s your brand?
  5. How do people experience your library? How do they FEEL????
  6. Why are you so mean? (Your library is as friendly as your least friendly public service employee. Think about that for awhile!)
  7. Is your space holding you back? Do you have space for people to choose their noise level? Is energy efficient? What about views and daylight? Is your building tailored to the community?
  8. In a world supersaturated with obligations and choice, why would someone pick you library?
  9. Why don’t you do [something else]? eg. Why didn’t librarians develope wikipedia?
  10. How do you serve kids (fyi, Echo boomers will outnumber boomers by 2010)
  11. Why don’t I know what you’re doing? Marketing basics say: It’s about THEM! Are you customers in the picture? What do they care about? Go where they are!!!!
  12. What’s the most fun thing you’ve done lately? eg. Are you a third place? Have Fine Free Fridays? Concerts? Dance lessons? Drive in movies?

I think there are interesting threads from one program to another.


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