Week 9: Thing 23 – Final Thoughts

While actually doing 23 Things, my favorite discovery was Library Thing. I am very excited about this project. While working on the 2.0 project initially, I had a great time with Wiki’s and YouTube. I also got better at using all of these tools. It has been very gratifying to listen and watch and know that others in the library are experimenting with these tools.

I love new things and I’m looking forward to discovering the tools that come out in the near future that will improve on the technology of the ones we know today. I’m curious if the leap to these new tools will more difficult… will it come before we really feel we have these tools “under our belts?” I don’t know. I have dabbled in most everything that is Library 2.0 related, but I have not mastered many… except for blogging. I am several blogs and although they are not as active as I would like them to be, I have enjoyed the process.

The surprises from this program have not been for me personally, but for the staff I know who have participated. I have personally received so many comments … and even “new” people to the technology are finding themselves as “mentors” to others in their departments. Just love that!!!

I’m not sure about improvements. I think, in its core, it is really good. I think the sign up process could be smoother. I’m not that fond of the software the state used. It’s pretty clunky. I also think that people weren’t reading enough of the entries… I think we should have periodically “highlighted” some of the posts… either locally or statewide.

I would definitely like to be in another discovery process. I hope it comes up by next spring so that people can keep the momentum going. I am curious how many people will continue to blog… either the blog they started or a new one. How would we be able to know that?

Learning 2.0 is the most non-threatening, easy to understand introduction to Web 2.0 technologies for the end user that I have ever seen. Kudos to PLCMC for creating it. Kudos to DLDS for promoting in Maryland. Kudos to Harford County staff who have embraced it!


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