Week 9: Thing 20 & 21

YouTube… well, what can I say about YouTube… even MySpace has one of my favorite Tube entries, the blond who places a fast food order at a library info desk. But there are others… the panda who sneezes which we used at the Tech Fair. Let’s see what I can find right now…
OK… how about Nora the Cat, the Sequel… pretty funny if you like piano music.

OK… podcasts… although I have not done that many podcasts personally, I do understand the concept and presented this cocept at the Tech Fair. I have to confess, however, that I don’t really listen to podcasts. I’m not sure why… that is, except in specific learning situations. But I don’t subscribe to any. I think I haven’t not figured out when to listen. My car time is really my “book” time and I don’t like doing anything else. And if I do have time to listen, I’d rather listen to fiction than nonfiction … into which category, in general, I would say podcasts fall. So, it’s funny to know and appreciate them but not really use them.
Actually, as part of creating this exercise, I did create some feeds to podcasts, but again, I have enough trouble reading my feeds, much less listening.

I’ll make a podcast tomorrow and add it here… just to show I can. But tonight, I’m just going to fly through the rest of this. 🙂


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