Week 8: things 18 & 19

I’ve been doing some Google docs… mostly the calendar… in a situation like ours here at the library, I don’t see as much need for this online tool, but I have passed this information to others … it is nice to know that everyone doesn’t need to purchase expensive software to have access to a full-range of tools.

Now that I am on Second Life, it appears that most of the SL librarians are using the full-range of these Google applications, from Calendars to spreadsheets to docs. It’s very cool to have a shared area where others can add their comments. It’s a bit more controlled than a wiki and certainly, is so similar to Word, that’s it’s hard to really “mess it up.”

Well, I just did a complete Google doc… shared it with Gia and now I’m “publishing” it… I’m going to give it this blog entry as a destination to see what it does…. let’s experiment… I do think it would be interesting to possibly use these online docs for some of our library collaborations … may be better than a wiki.

Look, it appeared BELOW this one. Very cool. What an easy way to post as a group!!!!!!

Web 2.0 awards:
Hey! WetPaint… the wiki I chose for the Technology Plan is NUMBER ONE. how cool is that???

I forgot how much I like the 43 Things site and it’s still #1… I spent a few minutes adding a couple of things. The first time I went there … last year! … I only added 4 things, but it’s pretty amazing that I have completed one and I’m about to complete another. Is that great or what?

I could play all night with all the wonderful sites on the awards… but it is pretty amazing to me is the large number of sites I already know and have visited at least once or visit pretty regularly: Technorati, Bloglines, Library Thing, Squidoo, Craigslist, Google Docs & Calendars, Meebo, Feedburner, Cocktail Builder (first time today), WetPaint, PBwiki, 43 Things, Google Maps, iContact, Ning, Twitter, Pandora, Google Apps, Zoho, FlickR, Picassa, Odeo, Podshow, LinkedIn, Zillow, Rollyo, Facebook, Digg, Reddit, Del.icio.us, & YouTube. Not bad… but I should add to my 43 things that I will visit all of the top 3 sites on this list award list. 🙂


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