Week 4: RSS & Merlin (Things 8 & 9)

So… here’s my public blogroll: http://www.bloglines.com/blog/irmbrown. I don’t really use this much for sharing but I do have it and I have 52 feeds. Now, I want someone to tell me how to incorporate reading my feeds into my work day. I am basically a hoarder … I hoard feeds and websites and links in the same way that others hoard newspapers or anything else they collect. My feeds as wel as my bookmarks need some serious weeding!!!

I have also wanted to do more with Merlin. At one point, the tech staff was doing some online training there and I had hoped to take advantage of these links, but I came to it a little too late and in the midst of a lot of other things. Currently, the liaisons have a group there and I have used that a bit. Merlin was also the place I saw the talking avatar that I so much wanted for our site… unfortunately, that too, is on a back burner. sigh! Hmmm. I did subscribe to Merlin just to be “politically correct ” – but there’s not much going on there. Too bad.

All of my blogs, including my personal blogs are on Technorati… of course, my personal blogs are not visited often and so they have some kind of astronomical figure… but that’s ok. The library blogs are also listed with Technorati. Maybe a good exercise would be to subscribe to the library’s blog: HCPL News & Events that’s linked from the home page. Well, harumph! Just tried to register at Sindic8… that was a bust … I even went to the trouble of doing a “VCard” which I doubt anyone would use… but thought I would try it anyway. Ok. I tried again. This is so important in tech world… if something doesn’t work, always try again. It could be tech glitch… a delay on the server … any number of things. I’ll have to check in later… it says I”m registered but I haven’t gotten my official login yet.


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