Week 2: Blogging

Well, OK… I do think I have the blogging thing down… In case you’re interested, I have a number of blogs on the web. Besides the library blog that I maintain, HCPL News & Events, I also occastionally contribute to the Innovation Blog on Passport (our Intranet for anyone reading this not from HCPL), AV2C (in the AVZone), Blogabook (our Readers Place blog), and TeenSpace in the TeenZone. Privately, I have my primary personal blog, Refiner’s Fire: Emerging Heart which chronicles my personal journey, both spiritual and day-to-day, as I feel led, a women’s bible study blog called Wisdom Seekers, and a church-based blog (that I’ve gotten lazy about) called Meditations from Zion. The last two blogs plus this one live on WordPress and all the others live on Blogger. Please notice that the library blogs, although “powered by blogger” actually live on our own server… all the content is on our webserver. This is a more advanced feature in which you actually ftp to our server. Most of the contributors to the library blogs don’t even realize they are doing that as it’s pretty seamless from the end user’s perpective.

Happy blogging everyone… watch out… you might get addicted. 🙂


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