Library 2.0 and Looney Me

In little spits and starts, I initiated this blog some time ago when I discovered WordPress. At the time, I thought I’d search out library humor and just try for a “fun and funny” site. Har Har… that didn’t pan out. So, I guess it’s time to let the darn thing evolve in some other way.

I’ll be going through Library 2.0 and the 23 Things just like everyone else. Despite the fact that I use a great number of these technologies all the time, I think it’s a good idea to review and of course, learn something new.

I’m also hoping to drop in some TIPS along the way … as I’m sure my “Almost Bald Chronicler” colleague and “nette” will also be doing. In fact nette is already at week 8… I’d better get hopping. 🙂

P.S. I do enjoy good library humor… so if you run into anything… drop in a comment here or email it to me at …. thanks.



  1. Deidrah Reeves Said:

    I wish I had something dreadfully clever to share…I do have one small story… (and this is working as one of my objectives to comment on someone elses blog) 🙂

    I was booktalking at the Norr. Elementary School during a frightful storm. The 2nd graders were rather worked up about it. (In retrospect it was a tornadic activity and they had a right to be concerned.) But here I am, keeping my professional cool and drawing my audience into my talk….I start to tell them about summer reading and then the lights go out. But I am the ultimate professional, and I keep on going… we finish with the SRP talk and then I begin to read to them from a book called “How I Became a Pirate” complete with hearty pirate voices and sound effects. Well, after the story was over and the children are getting ready to go I get one question and one comment. The Question: “How do you make those voices?” “What voices?” I ask, really not knowing what she was talking about. “The pirate voices, they sound so real!”–I guess maybe I was a pirate in another life??? I didn’t even practice, they just sort of happened?! The Comment: (I heard this from a boy who was filing out of the room with his class) “I forgot that the lights were out!” Now THAT is what I call a successful booktalk. So engaging that you don’t know you are sitting in a dark room in the middle of a raging storm….LOL

  2. Irmgarde Said:

    Awesome! Really well done. ib

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